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5 years - 15 states - 4 parts - 1 story

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Life of a Mushroom is an independently produced

docu-series about the culinary world of mushrooms from the creators of SOLD. The life of mushrooms are juxtaposed to the everyday life of mushroom hunters, scientists, and fanatics located throughout North America. This docu-series highlights the importance of mushroom cultivation, medicinal benefits of eating mushrooms, and demonstrates the impact of both small-scale foragers and high-scale mushroom growers on the world’s food supply.



Coin in a Log Creative is a documentary production company. Every project is self produced and self funded. The award winning Coin in a Log Documentary Team has decades of experience field producing documentaries in telling engaging, thoughtful, and emotional stories that are relevant in today's climates. We specialize in short-form, feature-length, and docu-series formats.

Other current projects can be found at


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LeslieBonciCookingA7IV (1 of 13).jpg
Telluride Mushroom Festival 2022 Highlight
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Teaser of a featured location in the Life of a Mushroom docu-series, Telluride Mushroom Festival - Since 1981, the TMF has been celebrating all things mycological, from the newest advancements in mushroom science to their famous wild foods dinner demos. 

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